Coureur de Bois by Mark Leaman to demo at Huzzah!

Courier deBoise Cover Art

Coureur de Bois is a worker placement game about the development of fur trade in Hudson Bay during the later half of the seventeenth century; around the time when French explorers Radisson and Groseilliers were lured to the bay’s southwestern shore by the promise of a vast reserve of beaver. The term Coureur de Bois is French, referring to independent French-Canadian woodsmen who traveled to New France and the interior of North America, seeking to make their fortunes trading in beaver pelts.

During the game, players will work to develop a settlement, trade resources with incoming ships, appease their investors and ultimately align themselves with the English or French as trade partners. The player with the most prestige at the end of seven years (turns) claims victory.

(GM note: This game is an unreleased title and is currently undergoing playtesting. Players will be credited as play-testers in the rulebook of the released edition.)


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