Pre-registration way up, new games and events added for Huzzah! 2017

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Due to the enthusiastic response to pre-registration, we are adding games and events to Huzzah! 2017.  Here are few...

Friday afternoon
The Alamo 
GM: Billy Digiulio and Steven Rogers
Warhammer Historicals - The Alamo, in 28mm
Come re-fight the epic March 6th 1836 storming of the Alamo with hundreds of 25mm miniatures and a huge Hudson and Allen Alamo. Can the plucky Texicans hold out against the despotic General Santa Anna or will history repeat itself once again? Come play and find out!

Saturday Morning
Battle of Zama 
GM: Jeff Bickel
Command and Colors Ancients in 28mm
This is the final showdown between Scipio Africans and Hannibal in the 2nd Punic War. Elephants vs the Triple Aces. Fast play rules and easy to learn.

All three sessions Saturday, play one or all!
Struggle for the Tractor Factory
GM Dave Shuster
Rules: Bolt Action
Scale: 28mm
Period: WW2, Stalingrad, Soviet Union, 1942
Description: 24th Panzer Division has been making very slow work battling the Soviet defenders at the Red October Metallurgical Works factory. The division is being slowly bled white, but the Soviets have nothing left to defend with. The next 24 hours will decide it all.

Demo Games at the Eureka Miniatures USA booth
Chain of Command Demo Game, Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 4 players.
Come and learn the Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command World War II rules as British paras and SS Panzergrenadiers square off in Normandy.  No experience with the rules is necessary.

Sharp Practice 2 Demo Game, Saturday, 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. 4 players.
Come and learn the Too Fat Lardies Sharp Practice 2 skirmish rules.  This game will be set during the Peninsular War and will see British and French forces trying to secure a Royal Navy code book.  No experience with the rules is necessary.

Warlord Games Bolt Action Weekend
Warlord Games will have three members of their team at Huzzah! for the weekend!  They will be running demos of Bolt Action at their very own Stalingrad table, answering questions, giving away prizes, and having a blast connecting with the New England wargaming community.

Historical Wargaming for New England
May 19-21st

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