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Pre-registration way up, new games and events added for Huzzah! 2017 Huzzah! convention logo
John Jenkins Designs and Hobby Bunker Sponsor Huzzah! 2017 John Jenkins Designs donation
Huzzah! Pre-registration Update Huzzah! convention logo
Announcing the Huzzah! Cadets! Huzzah! Cadets Logo
75th Anniversary of Battle of Stalingrad at Huzzah! Germans at Stalingrad
Family Adventures while here for Huzzah! The Bug Light Kite Festival
Convention T-shirt art selected! Huzzah! 2017 convention t-shirt
Huzzah! is for Food, too! James Beard Award logo
Make your reservation now to stay at the convention hotel! The Doubletree towers
GM Registration for Huzzah! 2017 is now OPEN! German figures in 28mm from the Stalingrad game.
Give a warm welcome to the Officers and Board of Directors for 2017 membership year! MHWA Logo
Huzzah! 2016 Photos Mike Paine's Hanghai Harbor
Huzzah! 2016 convention feedback survey is up!
Pre-registration closed, but you can register at the door!
Flames of War Tournament Still Accepting Players
Crescent Root donates prize for raffle!