Ticket Raffle

One of the highlights of Huzzah! is the annual ticket raffle, made possible by the incredible support of the wargaming community.  Each year vendors, retailers, manufacturers, authors, and others support our convention and outreach effort by donating a staggering collection of items for the ticket raffle.  Participants of the convention love the raffle and we field questions about it all year long.  It's become a highlight of the convention.

Proceeds from the ticket auction help us cover our costs for the hotel, tables, etc., and to fund our outreach efforts with young wargamers.  For going on four years we have been working with The Game Loft from Belfast, Maine, in an effort to introduce their students to historical wargaming.  The Game Loft is a not-for-profit organization offering after school non-digital gaming and leadership opportunities for middle and high school aged children.  The ticket raffle helps to bring 16 to 20 Game Loft participants to the convention, as well as our ongoing efforts with them the rest of the year.