Huzzah! Cadets

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To find and engage the next generation of table top gamers by providing opportunity through specific club run events designed to appeal to kids and young adults.

  • Games specifically designed for youth ages 8 to 16.
  • The focus is to provide a gaming experience that is both easy to understand and enjoy.
  • Adults welcome if they can behave themselves
  • Whenever possible provide rules, miniatures, or terrain which the participants can take home with them to further involvement in the hobby.

Cadet Game for Huzzah! 201 include the following:

104 BUNGLE in the jungle -Gabe Landowski
105 Into The doowder forest - Eric Schlegel 
217 STORM THE CASTLE - Gabe Landowski
220 Battle of Hanghai - Mike Paine 
313 Make and Play Tanks PT1 - Joshua Johnson
314 Monster Hunter  - Chris Rhett, Pat Hope, Brian Edwards
317 Return of the Hanghai Dragon - Mike Paine 
401 Hanghai Raiders Strike Back  - Mike Paine 
410 Joust fooling around - Ken Eckhardt
412 Make and Play Tanks PT 2 - Joshua Johnson
506 Block by Block - Kevin Fischer 
520 Battle of Hanghai - Mike Paine 
612 Panthers in the woods  - David Cousineau
613 Pig Farmers War - Gabe Landowski