Huzzah! is delighted to bring these vendors to the wargaming community in New England. These vendors represent some of the very best lines of miniatures, games and supplies that are available, and rarely are wargamers in a regional setting lucky enough to see such a terrific variety.  We try to create an environment that offers our attendees and the public a high quality vendor selection, ideally, with a minimum number of overlapping product lines.

Vendor areas are 6′ in length, and cost $65 for the weekend.  If you need additional space, simply multiply $65 by the number of table areas you will need.  Huzzah! does extend a vendor loyalty plan as a thank you to the vendors that attend and support the convention year after year.  In addition to attending the convention, Huzzah! provides additional value to our vendors through cross-promotional marketing, such as free banner ads on The Miniatures Page, space on our web pages and forums, and logo representation in our Wargames Illustrated ad, which runs the month before the convention (four to six weeks).  If you are interested in learning more about attending Huzzah! as a vendor, please contact Art Fossa, our Vendor Coordinator.

Aide de Camp Books
Adler Hobbies
Age of Glory -- Sorry folks, Steve is off on an island adventure and cannot join us for 2017
Brigadier’s Bookshelf
CB Minis
Chapman Studios
Crossroad Games
Eureka Miniatures USA
Hobby Bunker
MSD Games
Silver Eagle Wargames
Stan Johansen Miniatures
Things From The Basement
Wargamers Terrain
Wee Wolf Miniatures -- Sorry, we just received word that Wee Wolf will be unable to join us for 2017