Boardgaming has arrived at Huzzah!

New England’s largest historical war gaming convention is growing! This year Huzzah! attendees will find the newly expanded board-gaming area just before the ball room at the Double Tree. Euro’sStrategyThematicHistorical and War board games of all variety are welcome. If you’re a hardcore board gamer then Huzzah! is the place to be!

Scheduled & Open Tables

Scheduled board game sessions run 3-6 hours depending on the day. Board gamers may schedule a table for the duration of a session. However if a game sessions finishes early the table may be used for open play (pickup games) afterwards. Thus, if you run a game during a 5 hour session and it only lasts 2 hours the table may be used for pickup games for the remaining 3 hours. Registered attendees are free to bring a board game for pickup game play on an open table.